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Practical Test type Fee
Private ASEL                                                             
Commercial ASEL                                                     
Instrument Airplane                                                    
Certified Flight Instructor reinstatement                       
Certified Flight Instrument
Military/Foreign Pilot/Canadian Conversions               
Flight Instructor-initial*                                 
Concurrent Private/Instrument                                    
Ground Instructor: Basic, Advanced, Instrument         
Student Pilot Certificate
Flight Instructor Renewal                                               

*Currently the FAA has first right of refusal on initial CFI tests
-The fee is due before the test begins or documentation verified.
-Applicants under 18 or from outside Washington state must pay in cash.
-3rd party checks do not relieve the applicant of responsibility if the bank does not honor the check.
-The fee is for the time slot (initial or retest) and is not dependent on the outcome of the test.
-There is an additional fee for traveling to some distant airports (CLS, CLM, OLM, PAE, et al).
-Retest may be discounted up to $100 dependent on the percentage of items to be tested.
-If the applicant is not qualified for the test, a minimum fee of $100 per hour is charged.
-Returned checks are charged a $75 minimum fee plus any bank charges.
  -Delinquent accounts are charged 1.5% interest per month.
  -If legal action is required, additional charges will be added.

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Practical tests fee structure and policies